Smart Street, save energy now ! Enhanced maintenance and safety in the streets Under control at any time from anywhere...

Smart Street, save energy now !

Enhanced maintenance and safety in the streets

Under control at any time from anywhere...

Streetlight.Vision Value Proposition

The Streetlight.Vision drastically increases control, reduces energy consumption and enables maintenance teams to provide enhanced services on road, street, tunnel and parking lighting networks. Based on powerline and radio-frequency networks of controllers, the Streetlight.Vision CMS  transforms your streetlight network into a Smart Street and City Network to collect environmental data and control any electronic devices in the streets.

Amongst its key benefits for municipalities, ESCO companies and streetlight maintenance companies:


    • Up to 50% of Energy and associated CO² Savings
      The Streetlight.Vision CMS Software enables you to control ON, OFF and DIMMING times and levels on any streetlight cabinet, any group of light points and any single light point, to provide the right amount of light at the right place at the right time in the night.
    • Dynamic Outdoor Lighting scenario
      With the Streetlight.Vision CMS Software, you can program stepless dimming levelat sunrise/sunset related times, fixed times or based on dynamic weather conditions, traffic levels, ambient light levels or presence.
    • Reduced light pollution
      The Streetlight.Vision solution fully supports the recommendations from the DARK SKY and the ANPCEN associations.


    • Be under control anytime from anywhere
      The Streetlight.Vision CMS software automatically collects data from each streetlight cabinet, each light point and any other end-device. It provides web reports, real time control, scheduling, alarming and analysis and enable you to know any past or present situation on your PC, MAC  or Smart Phone.
    • Remove Night Patrols
      The Streetlight.Vision CMS software automatically collect lamp failure detected by the end-devices, provides you with unified aggregated failure reports and triggers/distributes alarms that replace night patrols. 
    • Reduced number of incoming calls from unsatisfied citizens
      With the Streetlight.Vision solution, streetlight maintenance teams are aware of failures, problems and outages much faster. They can even act before citizen notification to the call center.
    • Less onsite trips to reduce maintenance costs and associated CO² emissions
      With the Streetlight.Vision real-time control features, the streetlight maintenance team can check remotely any situation on any cabinet, segment or any single light point before sending crews onsite.
    • Increased urban security and safety
      With the Streetlight.Vision solution, lamp downtime can be drastically reduced, increasing safety and security on the roads.
    • Reduced liability issue
      The Streetlight.Vision solution collects massive amount of data from each streetlight cabinet, each smart meter, each light point and any other end-device. It records and keeps years of history to enable you to be under control in any past or present situation.
    • Reduced installation costs
      With the Streetlight.Vision solution, only one day of training is required. The installation process is simple and automated. Free training session are available every month in our office in Paris or in Hong-Kong for Reselling, Certified and Enterprise Partners.


    • An open multi-supplier solution
      The Streetlight.Vision CMS Software supports, controls and monitors various powerline and radio-frequency technologies, and provides you with a unified platform and web user interface whatever hardware amongst the 40 types of light controllers and other end-devices you decide to install in the streets.
    • Compatible with your open tender process
      Thanks to Streetlight.Vision, you won't depend and be bind with any hardware manufacturer. Unlike with software provided by hardware manufacturers, the Streetlight.Vision CMS software is independent from any manufacturer and supports more than 25 hardware manufacturers, with 2 new manufacturers per quarter in the last 12 months.
    • Get ready for the future
      Our solution is based on standard technologies to avoid being trapped with non-evoluting technologies, be bind with one and only one manufacturer and depend on his choices rather than decide by yourself
    • Start small, grow fast: installed on your server or on the Streetlight.Vision Cloud 
      The Streetlight.Vision CMS software can run on the Streetlight.Vision Cloud or be installed on your own server, to enable you to start small without any IT hurdle and grow on your own servers.
    • Integrated with your existing Information System
      The Streetlight.Vision CMS software provides a full web service interface to easily and automatically push alarms, failures or energy consumption in your Maintenance Tools or in your Geographical Information System.
    • Enabling Smart City Platforms to access and control Smart Street devices 
      Streetlight.Vision provides Smart City Platforms with a bidirectional control of any Smart Street device: streetlight cabinets, individual light points, sensors, EV charging station and more. Smart City Platforms can now control light levels in the streets (depending on traffic or on demand/response scenario). Smart City Platforms can now also easily get real time information as well as benefit from more than 70 other services, from any smart street device through the open SLV Control Web Service interface. 
    • Streetlight.Vision is the solution of choice of the largest market players
      The Streetlight.Vision CMS software is the choice of major market manufacturers and streetlight maintenance companies who resells the Streetlight.Vision CMS software under their own brand name. Check out our Certified Partners section.


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