Streetlight.Vision Version 4.6 now available

Streetlight.Vision Flash News: Streetlight.Vision Software Suite version 4.6 is now available on the Streetlight.Vision CLUB web site. Streetlight.Vision Design, Data Collect and Web portal now enable end-user to control and monitor new Light Point Controllers (Amko, Abel, new Citylone modules, Bibaja), new monitoring technologies (Citybox) and new MODBUS devices, including Energy Meters (Panasonic, Carlo Gavazzi) and I/O devices.

Amongst many other new features, the new Streetlight.Vision Software Suite Version 4.6 provides end-users with real-time navigation on Microsoft online BING MAPs to enhance user experience. Thanks to its new features, the Streetlight.Vision Solution is the most reliable, the easier to install and the Streetlight Monitoring solution with the most number of features on the market. The Streetlight.Vision solution is the choice of the largest streetlight and ballast manufacturers and streetlight installation companies in Europe and Asia.