Streetlight.Vision Software Version 5.1 now available

Streetlight.Vision Flash News: Streetlight.Vision Software Suite version 5.1 is now available.
On April 27th 2012, Streetlight.Vision released its new Streetlight and SmartCity Control and Monitoring software platform Version 5.1. With Streetlight.Vision Software Suite Version 5.1, the only open streetlight control and monitoring platform is now available. It now controls powerline and radio frequency systems, and more than 25 suppliers of light point controllers including PHILIPS, OSRAM, CITYBOX, SELC, RONGWEN, CITYLONE, CITENERGY, APANET, TOMWELL, XENTIQ, VSTAR, etc… With Streetlight.Vision Software Suite Version 5.1, Streetlight.Vision provides its end-users with SmartCity applications including the control and monitoring of Vehicle Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations and Environmental Sensors. Certified Streetlight.Vision Resellers can now download the new version 5.1 from the Streetlight.Vision Club web site together with the latest User Guides and Release Notes.