Streetlight.Vision CMS Version 5.2 is available !

December 21st, 2012:  Streetlight.Vision today announce the general availability of its Streetlight.Vision CMS Server Version 5.2. For the first time on the market, you can now control both powerline and radio-frequency systems within one single server and web user interface ! Streetlight.Vision CMS Server Version 5.2 is the only open and independent Streetlight Control and Monitoring software platform on the market. Unlike proprietary software designed by hardware manufacturers, Streetlight.Vision CMS Server Version 5.2 enables you to control and monitor more than 40 types of hardware devices from more than 20 manufacturers. With Streetlight.Vision CMS Server Version 5.2, installing, configuring, controlling and monitoring a wide Streetlight Network has never been so easy. Streetlight.Vision CMS Server Version 5.2 is now available for Streetlight.Vision Certified and Enterprise Resellers in the Streetlight.Vision Club web site.