Streetlight.Vision available on iPADs and iPHONEs

Streetlight.Vision Flash News: Streetlight.Vision releases an iPAD App to enable installers to install intelligent Streetlight Sites in record time. The new Inventory.Vision App (available in January on the AppStore) shall enable installers to position their streetlight on GoogleMaps, designs geographical organization, create Segment Controllers, collect MAC address from Light Point Controllers, collects other information such as type of Light Point and type of lamps which are used to program Light Point Controllers and upload these information on their Streetlight.Vision Web Portal.

With Streetlight.Vision Software version 4.6, these collected data are available for download into Streetlight.Vision Design to configure and commission your Segment Controller. Using the new Streetlight.Vision iPAD App, positioning streetlights and configuring a cabinet is now a question of minutes. Streetlight.Vision previously released the “Light.Vision” App to remotely control your Light Points in real time from your iPHONE and iPAD. This amazing demonstration tool is also of great help in daily maintenance operations.