SPIE reduces energy by 35% in SENART en ESSONNES

Streetlight.Vision Flash News:SPIE reduces energy consumption by more than 35%in the city of SENART en ESSONNE (France)

The city of SENART en ESSONNES recently awarded SPIE (European leader in electrical engineering, city infrastructure and energy systems) for the energy performance and maintenance contract of its 3500 streetlights. SPIE’s lighting expertise and “Streetlight Monitoring and Dimming” value proposition, called CityNetworks (based on the Streetlight.Vision’s software) were key in the decision process. SPIE has deployed the solution in record time and allowed the city to reduce energy consumption by more than 35%. 300 tons of CO² are now saved each year ! Thanks to CityNetworks, SPIE gets automatic warning and alerts for any problem on the network, enhancing city’s security and reducing failures. The CityNetworks solution is designed to control any LonWorks Controller (installed in the pole or luminaire), enabling SPIE to freely select its hardware supplier based on projects characteristics, type of lamps (HPS, MH, LED, …), city’s objectives, prices and functional specifications in the various sections of the city. For the SENART en ESSONNE project, SPIE selected LonWorks controllers from Philips and from Citylone.