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Product Details

Key characteristics of the Philips Starsense Powerline Light Point Controllers:

  • Field communication protocol: LonWorks standardized ISO14908 powerline
  • IPv6 addressing : no
  • Number of end-device per gateway : 150
  • Data transfer rate and bandwidth : 5 kb/sec
  • Supports dynamic lighting with occupancy/presence sensors (real time) : No
  • Supports dynamic lighting with traffic counting (not real time) : Yes but only through Streetlight.Vision CMS
  • Interface with Lamp driver/ballast: 1-10 volts or DALI
  • Metering data produced/collected (with model 7035 only): lamp level, lamp command, voltage, current, power, power factor, temperature, energy, lamp running hours. Warning: models 7030 (DALI) reads most of these data from the DALI driver. Most DALI driver don’t provide such data.
  • Failure data produced/collected : lamp failure, low power factor, high temperature, high/low power, high/low voltage, high/low current
  • Streetlight.Vision CMS support:
    • Real time control: Yes
    • Data collect: Yes
    • Switching/dimming scheduler and calendar: Yes
    • Alarming: Yes