One Central Management Software

for many wireless and powerline systems

Cities cannot afford to be locked in for the next 10 years with proprietary control systems. Streetlight.Vision Central Management Software is the only solution for cities to be free to select the control system manufacturers of their choice, and control more than light point controllers, cabinet controllers, smart meters, sensors and other smart city equipments from 40 suppliers, all in a single unified Central Management Software. Whatever hardware you select, the Streetlight.Vision Central Management Software provides data collect services, real-time control services, scheduling services, configuration and commissioning services, automation, alarming and reporting services for control systems from many manufacturers including:

  • Proprietary power line smart streetlight systems
  • Standardized LonWorks power line smart streetlight systems
  • Proprietary wireless systems
  • IPv6 wireless mesh networks, ready to provide you smart city applications

The Streetlight.Vision XML South Bound web service API enables your own system to be supported by the Streetlight.Vision Central Management Software.

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