Smart Street, save energy now ! Enhanced maintenance and safety in the streets Under control at any time from anywhere...

Smart Street, save energy now !

Enhanced maintenance and safety in the streets

Under control at any time from anywhere...

Streetlight.Vision Solution architecture and components

The Streetlight.Vision CMS Server provides municipalities, authorities, streetlight maintenance and ESCO companies with drastic energy savings and increased control and maintenance efficiency on their streetlight networks. The Streetlight.Vision Solution's architecture is designed to address these objectives while being scalable, supporting many competing hardware vendor to not be bind with only one and being open to evolution:

Streetlight.Vision Architecture

The key components of the solutions are:

  • The Streetlight.Vision Control and Monitoring Server communicates with Segment Controllers and/or Gateways, acting as a router/gateway/bridge to the controlled end-devices. The Streetlight.Vision CMS Server controls several powerline and radio-frequency technologies and provides the end-user with a unified web interface to control and monitor heterogeneous devices. The Streetlight.Vision CMS Server also provides data and real time control and command services to Smart City platform and other third party software.

  • Segment Controllers or Gateways. Segment Controllers usually offer Streetlight Cabinet Control features programmed and controlled through the Streetlight.Vision CMS Server, connected over GPRS, 3G, ADSL, fiber optic or any other TCP/IP connection. Segment Controller and Gateways are bridges between the CMS and the controlled end-devices. They control and manage end-devices using a field application protocol on powerline or using radio-frequency. Contact Streetlight.Vision for more information about the various powerline and radio-frequency systems available from our partners and supported by the Streetlight.Vision CMS Software. 

  • Light Point Controllers or end-devices: they identify problems/failures, execute ON, OFF and DIMMING commands through a 1-10 volts or DALI interface, measure voltage, current, power, number of lamp running hours, energy consumption that are collected to the software for analysis. The Streetlight.Vision CMS Server supports any type of lamp (HPS, MH, Cosmo, Induction, LED) through more than 40 types of devices from manufacturers such as APANET, CITYLONE, OSRAM, PHILIPS, SELC, RONGWEN, ECHELON, PARADOX Eng., SILVER SPRING NETWORKS, TELEMATICS WIRELESS, AMKO, ABEL, ADIC, AMKO, eCONTROLS, TOMWELL, ADVANTECH, CARLO GAVAZZI, CIRWATT, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, etc.

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