Streetlight.Vision, Smart Streetlight and Smart City solutions

Streetlight.Vision develops innovative Central Management Software for cities, utilities and authorities to benefit from Smart Streetlight and Smart City applications. Thanks to Streetlight.Vision, cities, utilities and authorities drastically save energy, increase safety in the street, reduce maintenance costs on their streetlights and transform their streetlight network into a smart city communication and control backbone.

Multi-system, multi-application: the Streetlight.Vision CMS supports both wireless and power line Control Systems and Outdoor Lighting Networks (OLNs) from 40 manufacturers. Beyond Smart Streetlight, the Streetlight.Vision CMS also controls and monitors sensors, electrical vehicle charging stations, energy meters, waste containers, pollution sensors, weather stations and any other smart city devices.

Streetlight.Vision Central Management Software (CMS) is known to be the most innovative and the only open Smart Streetlight and Smart Street Software Framework. 500 cities and 50 certified resellers in 15 countries: Streetlight.Vision is the choice of the largest projects in the world: Oslo (Norway), Paris (France), Dublin (Ireland), Dongguan (China), Lyon (France) and about 500 other cities in 15 countries. Streetlight.Vision’s certified resellers benefit from Streetlight.Vision’s unique expertise and features to win Smart Streetlight and Smart City project in their territory. Our community of certified engineers in 15 countries are skilled by Streetlight.Vision to deliver the best for cities to become smarter and safer at lower cost.

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The only open solution, compatible with many control systems and smart devices

The Streetlight.Vision CMS is multi-system and multi-application. It controls, commands, configures and monitors wireless or power line smart devices from 40 manufacturers. Amongst others, the Streetlight.Vision CMS is compatible and certified to control/command Osram SLC solution, Philips Starsense Wireless, Echelon Wireless, Silver Spring Smart City IPv6 networks, Citybox broadband powerline, Citylone powerline, Apanet Greensystem, Telematics Wireless, Paradox Engineering, Lumnex powerline, Sysplug powerline, Thorn Lighting, Lux Monitor, Dazzletek dynamic wireless lighting system and more.

Flexible, open and interoperable, Streetlight.Vision CMS supports any type of smart city device, including streetlights, electrical substations, pollution sensors, electrical vehicle charging stations, parking sensors, energy/water/gas meters, weather stations and more, communicating over most of the industry standardized protocols including IPv6, LonWorks ISO 14908, 3G, Wifi and Zigbee.

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The de-facto standard Central Management Software in the Smart Streetlight market

Streetlight.Vision has established reselling partnerships with more than 50 control system suppliers, city electrical contractors, service companies and ESCOs to share its expertise in 16 countries. With 500 projects in 16 countries, the Streetlight.Vision Central Management Software is the most deployed Central Management Software in the Smart Streetlight market. At Streetlight.Vision, we’re proud to share our 8-years of field expertise with our resellers and with cities, utilities and authorities to enable them to run their streetlight network with les energy and more control.

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Deployed, experienced and effective in 450 projects in 16 countries

Thanks to more than 500 features, the Streetlight.Vision Central Management Software has been adopted by many large cities including Oslo, Dongguan, Dublin, Lyon, Barcelona, Paris and Jakarta. Streetlight.Vision continuously listens to end-customers to take their needs into consideration in the next software versions Streetlight.Vision demonstrated that its Central Management Software fits all types of projects, from very small to very large cities. Its flexibility accommodates street lighting, roadway lighting, parking lighting, tunnel lighting but also warehouse lighting and sport stadiums. The Streetlight.Vision Central Management Software addresses cabinet control projects as well as individual light point control projects and more complex smart city projects.

With 8 years of field-experience, the Streetlight.Vision engineering team has gathered a tremendous amount of expertise in the field of control and monitoring smart city devices. This expertise is available for cities and service companies as part of our 2-days consulting Workshop dedicated to cities.

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