Jakarta drastically save energy on their streetlight networks

JAKARTA – Research and Development of Energy and Mineral Resources (Balitbang ESDM) in collaboration with the Department of Industry and Energy of the Government of Jakarta install a pilot of Smart street lighting system (PJU) in Jalan Kebon Sirih – Central Jakarta. PJU Pintar or smart street lighting system is a lifestyle of the big cities in other countries such as Rome, Milan, Oslo and more.

PJU pintar provides complete control over the street lights from monitoring the street lamps condition in real time and to control the power consumption. The system will provide automatic notification to field officers via short message service (SMS) when there is a failure to street lights. This will reduce the time and cost compared to the current scheme which requires mobile field workers to see the lights every day or wait for reports from residents. When the road conditions are quite and the number of passing vehicles is at minimun, the system is able to dim the light levels so that power consumption will be reduced.

For the Government, this system would be the best solution for energy conservation in PJU (street light). On average in every province, PJU contributing to 4.95% and 2.85% peak electricity consumption. PJU pintar system installed by Balitbang ESDM will dim the street lights on 23:00 to 4:30 pm so that power consumption is reduced by an addition 30%. If the scheme is applicable to all existing PJU in Jakarta, the estimated energy savings reached 183 GWh per year or 169.78 billion Rupiah per year. The investment required is 1.7 million rupiah per unit for PJU lamp that has been using electronic ballast lamps.

Another advantage offered by this system is able to detect electricity theft in the network PJU. Smart kWh meter installed in the main system and at every lamp post to report energy usage in real time. In the event of a discrepancy of data received by the sum of the primary system data from every light pole, then the system PJU reported on the official site of the leak electricity.

The system can also be integrated with a webcam to safeguard the environment or simply monitor the traffic conditions in real time. Communication of data between the lamp using power line communications technology (PLCs) while the main system data communication with the PJU manager done via the Internet through an installed modem of global system for mobile communication (GSM). The general public who want to try out this technology can contact directly Balitbang ESDM.