Smart Street, save energy now ! Enhanced maintenance and safety in the streets Under control at any time from anywhere...

Smart Street, save energy now !

Enhanced maintenance and safety in the streets

Under control at any time from anywhere...


LG Electronics enters the Smart Lighting Market with Streetlight.Vision

LG Electronics, the world-wide leader in consumer electronics and LED lighting engines, now delivers smart outdoor lighting solutions based on LG Electronics's LED engines, Echelon powerline communication technology and Streetlight.Vision Central Management Software. LG Electronics has selected the Echelon and Streetlight.Vision solution to provide cities with an open, interoperable and interchangeable control systems to control, monitor, switch and dim the new generation of dimmable LG Electronic's LED Luminaires.

Telensa and Streetlight.Vision Partner to Deliver Integrated Best-of-breed ‘Smart’ Solution to Street Lighting Industry

Telensa, the market-leading ‘smart’ wireless street lighting technology company and Streetlight.Vision, the leading central management software provider for smart street light and smart street solutions, have announced a strategic partnership to integrate their best-of-breed hardware and software systems. The strategic collaboration will see the two companies’ engineering teams working together to interface Telensa’s PLANet (Public Lighting Active Network) system seamlessly with Streetlight.Vision’s central management software platform. According to the companies, this partnership will provide street lighting and smart grid operators with a compelling, cost-effective and interoperable street lighting management solution designed to significantly reduce energy bills and help meet government carbon emission targets.

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Jakarta drastically save energy on their streetlight networks

Streetlight.Vision Flash News: The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Republic Indonesia has successfully installed a new generation smart streetlight system in Jalan Kebon Sirih of Jakarta, where they could demonstrate a 62% energy savings with better light output. With more efficient dimmable light sources, intelligent dimming strategies and an efficient control system based on the Streetlight.Vision's software, ESDM together with PT Lahan Energy, the leading provider of Smart Lighting in Indonesia, can now fully control the light level, the status and the energy consumption of each light point and each streetlight cabinet. With such energy savings projects, ESDM and the city of Jakarta are engaging Indonesia as a leading country in the race to sustainable development and energy efficiency. Click here for more information

Rongwen, the World’s Largest Controllable Streetlight Solution Provider

Rongwen, a leader in Intelligent Street Lighting and Energy Management Contracts, is installing 48.000 LED streetlights in addition to the 52.000 light points already under the control of the Streetlight.Vision Central Management Software in Dongguan and Foshan in Guangdong province (China). This marks another significant step for Rongwen marching towards becoming the world’s largest controllable streetlight solution provider. Besides manufacturing and deploying controllable LED streetlights, Rongwen will also apply’s features to increase the profitability of the project, and the cities will benefit from reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions by two times.

Streetlight.Vision CMS Version 5.2 is available !

December 21st, 2012: Streetlight.Vision today announce the general availability of its Streetlight.Vision CMS Server Version 5.2. For the first time on the market, you can now control both powerline and radio-frequency systems within one single server and web user interface ! Streetlight.Vision CMS Server Version 5.2 is the only open and independent Streetlight Control and Monitoring software platform on the market. Unlike proprietary software designed by hardware manufacturers, Streetlight.Vision CMS Server Version 5.2 enables you to control and monitor more than 40 types of hardware devices from more than 20 manufacturers. With Streetlight.Vision CMS Server Version 5.2, installing, configuring, controlling and monitoring a wide Streetlight Network has never been so easy. Streetlight.Vision CMS Server Version 5.2 is now available for Streetlight.Vision Certified and Enterprise Resellers in the Streetlight.Vision Club web site. 

Telematics Wireless and Streetlight.Vision to offer energy and management cost savings to smart city lighting networks

Telematics Wireless, a global leader in wireless energy and resource management systems and solutions, and Streetlight.Vision, the leading central management software provider for smart streetlight and smart street solutions, have announced a strategic partnership to reduce energy and maintenance costs for the rapidly emerging Smart City. Initially, the partnership will address cities and roadway authorities, by offering a robust and complete network solution for street and roadway lighting networks that features an easy to use and central control and management platform. Smart public lighting networks can drive reductions of more than 50% in streetlight energy consumption. Together with proactive and simpler maintenance, Smart Street Lighting can lower overall system costs by 30%. Click here for more information.

General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA - Polish Highway Authorities) extends energy saving projects with APANET Green System and Streetlight.Vision

APANET Green System, the provider of Smart Streetlight Solutions, today announced that the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA) awarded them with new projects to control and monitor lighting on highways in Poland; A4 Motorway and Jedrzejow city's bypass (about 1000 light points). The GDDKiA have decided to contribute to the global energy saving program from the Government in Poland. Thanks to the APANET Green Light Point Controllers and the Streetlight.Vision Software, the GDDKiA saved 46% of energy on the first part of A1 motorway. From a maintenance point of view, they have also removed night patrols, drastically reducing the use of service cars to visually identify lamp failures and increasing the safety on the lit areas. In addition to its powerline Light Point Controllers, APANET Green System has extended its portfolio of control devices with new noise pollution and weather sensors (Apanet GreenNodes) and is planning to extend again with new Smart City devices to be announced soon.

Rongwen Smartens Chinese City’s Streetlights with Streetlight.Vision Control System

Streetlight.Vision Flash News: Rongwen, the leading Energy Saving Company in China, will deploy 10,602 new generation LED streetlights with the Streetlight.Vision Control and Monitoring system in the city of Dongguan, China. This EMC (Energy Management Contract) project will benefit the city with a minimum of 7.2 million kWh of saved electricity every year ! Rongwen will replace the old energy-consuming lamps with its latest “Internet of Thing” LED streetlights, and use Streetlight.Vision’s Control and Monitoring system to increase energy-saving and enhance maintenance efficiency.

City of Dongguan Issues Five Awards for Rongwen’s Streetlight Retrofit Projects

Guangdong Rongwen, Streetlight.Vision’s strategic partner dedicated in integrated streetlight solutions, received five excellence awards during the China Dongguan International SCI-TECH Cooperation Week (CISTC). With more than 40.000 smart streetlights controlled by the Streetlight.Vision's Control and Monitoring solution, Rongwen won the “Dongguan Excellent Enterprise of the Internet of Things Industry” award, the “Most Investment Value Enterprise” award, the “Most Media-friendly Enterprise” award, the “Dongguan Excellent Demonstration Project for the Internet of Things and Smart City” award and “The Most Popular Project by Investors and Media” award.

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