Smart Street, save energy now ! Enhanced maintenance and safety in the streets Under control at any time from anywhere...

Smart Street, save energy now !

Enhanced maintenance and safety in the streets

Under control at any time from anywhere...

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Streetlight.Vision, Less Energy, More Control

To solve these issues and contribute to more sustainable cities, Streetlight.Vision develop an open Central Management Software (also called CMS) that commands, controls, monitors and configures networks of smart streetlights as well as any other devices connected to the streetlight electrical grid, through any powerline or radio-frequency technologies. The Streetlight.Vision CMS Server is unique in the industry:

The market "de-facto standard" Control and Monitoring Software Platform

  • More than 500 software features thanks to 7 years of experience in the smart streetlight and smart street industry
  • More than 400 successful projects in 15 countries
  • The choice of the largest streetlight manufacturers and contractors, including Itochu, Philips, Osram, Thorn, Rongwen, Spie, Telematics, Sece and Bouygues Energy Services who resell the Streetlight.Vision Software under their own brand name

The only Open Control and Monitoring Software Platform in the industry

  • Support several powerline technologies (LonWorks, Citybox, Citenergy, Philips Starsense CPL) and radio-frequency systems (AEG Power Supply, Philips Starsense RF, Paradox Engineering, Silverspring, Lux Monitor, Menolinx) within the same Streetlight.Vision CMS server in a unified web user reporting, real time control, scheduling, analysis and configuration interface
  • Open Device Data Model and publicly available Web Services that enables any new device or any control system to be supported by the Streetlight.Vision CMS server within hours
  • Available both on your own Web Server, on your contractors servers or on the Streetlight.Vision Cloud

Streetlight.Vision, the Smart Street Software Platform

  • Controls and monitors any device in the street: Streetlight Cabinets, Light Points, Smart Meters, Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations, Pollution Sensors, Traffic Sensors and more
  • Interfaced with and providing information and services to Smart City platforms, Geographical Information Systems and to your Maintenance Tools through a complete set of Web Services (Streetlight.Vision API)
  • Leverage your streetlight grid 24/7 to power cameras, wifi spots, advertising and information panels, bus stops and any other system in the street

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