Streetlight.Vision Developer Program

More than 500 cities in 16 countries are using the Streetlight.Vision (SLV) City Management Platform. With SLV6, the new version of the SLV software, cities and operators benefit from a comprehensive solution for centrally controlling, commissioning and monitoring a multi-application smart city network. SLV6 is a mature, innovative and feature-rich control and monitoring solution that has been proven to deliver reliable outdoor lighting control, traffic monitoring and city planning applications.

SLV6 pushes the open platform to the next level. While continuing our long history of multi-network support (including over 40 different vendors and many smart city device types), southbound APIs to integrate new types of devices, and well established northbound APIs to easily integrate with 3rd party systems, SLV6 now provides the SLV6 software developer kit (SDK) for third party developers, integrators and customers to add their own smart city apps and widgets on the SLV platform and sell them to existing and new SLV customers through the SLV6 App Store.

Benefits for Software Developers

  • Accelerate the development of smart city apps thanks to the SLV6 SDK and its HTML5 multi-platform web user interface components, including maps, reports, editors, data history and alarms
  • Reduce cost of development by building on well-defined APIs
  • Sell apps and widgets to SLV’s existing and new customers in 16 countries without investing in sales. Cities can download your apps and widgets directly from the SLV6 App Store

Benefits for Device Manufacturers

  • Connect a wide range of devices to SLV6 City Management Platform through the supported protocols
  • Sell your smart city devices to 500 cities in 16 countries who already are using the SLV Platform and ready to expand into other

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  • And sell your app to SLV customers and partners

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