Less energy, more control

Either on existing high pressure sodium luminaires or jointly with the deployment of more efficient LED luminaires, Smart Streetlight systems provide the best way to drastically save energy while increasing the safety in the street, enhancing maintenance efficiency and offering the city with a city-wide network to ease the deployment of other smart city applications.

Ask Streetlight.Vision Expert Team for a personalized 2-days detailed workshop to analyze various solutions adapted to the context of your city.

Up to 50% energy savings

Up to 50% energy savings on roadway, streets, tunnels, highways, residential and pedestrian lighting: programming lamp dimming to the right light level at the right time drastically reduces energy consumption. With the Streetlight.Vision Software jointly with any of the supported control systems, you will dim any type of lamp individually or by group to any level (step less dimming, in the range allowed by the driver and lamp) at any scheduled time (based on sunrise/sunset or a fixed time), based on ensors or based on external weather and traffic condition.

  • Controlled switching time
  • Avoid day burners
  • Programmable individual and group lamp stepless dimming
  • Dynamic lighting based on traffic, sensors and weather

Streetlight.Vision consulting team shall provide you with a 2-days Consulting Workshop to help you study the most effective way to save energy in your project.

Increased control and visibility

Unlike most software on the market, the Streetlight.Vision Central Management Software is not a basic web page displaying light points on Google Maps. It provides a secured, scalable and managed web application software, including rich-web user interface to control, command, configure, commission and monitor any type of smart streetlight or smart city device from any authorized PC, MAC, smart phones or tablets. The real time map-based interface enables authorized maintenance teams to act remotely on any individual streetlight to verify any situation before triggering expensive onsite trips. Data are automatically collected from hundreds of thousands of devices in the street, including streetlight cabinets, streetlights, sensors, energy meters, EV charging stations and more, to automatically identify issues and other failures in the street, analyse millions of data, prepare efficient maintenance and energy reports, trigger, distribute and manage complex alarms, provide centralized scheduling system and provide data and services to 3rd party software such as Asset Management tools or City’s GIS. With more than 500 features, the Streetlight.Vision Central Management Software is the most advanced Smart Streetlight Software. Its user-friendly web user interface provides a flexible web desktop with a large number of web applications for all authorized users.

More safety for citizens, pedestrian and drivers

With its automatic failure detection and its predictive maintenance web applications, maintenance crews save time and money. Warnings and failures are automatically identified and old lamps are tracked. Maintenance teams can now group onsite operations, anticipate and react to any situation in record time, providing safer streets to citizens. With Streetlight.Vision, no need for night patrols. Automatic data collect from hundreds of thousands of devices (streetlights, streetlight cabinets, energy meters, sensors and more) and massive data analytics by the Streetlight.Vision Central Management Software provide the right report and alarms at the right time to the right maintenance operator. In addition, the Streetlight.Vision real time control module helps maintenance team check any situation on any streetlight, remotely and within seconds. Thanks to Streetlight.Vision, cities gain citizen satisfaction with lower outage and increased reactiveness to incidents. By avoiding long lasting outages and by saving energy, the streets are brighter at night, improving security for pedestrians and drivers, increasing the feeling of safety for citizens, and beautifying the city with a nice and warm atmosphere until dawn.

From Smart Streetlight to Smart City

With the Streetlight.Vision solution in conjunction with IPv6 wireless technologies, cities can now leverage their streetlight network into a city-wide smart city network where to plug any smart street device, providing new services to citizens, reducing cost of deploying smart city applications and  accelerating the adoption of new technologies for a safer city. With Streetlight.Vision, it becomes easier, faster and less expensive to deploy pollution sensors, parking place sensors,  electrical vehicle charging stations, panic buttons, security applications and energy/water meters. The Streetlight.Vision Central Management Software shall monitor all these additional Smart City devices, while Smart City applications can be deployed faster, at lower cost, by reusing the streetlight grid to deploy smart services for the city.

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Our Case Studies

From Oslo to Paris, in Dublin, Dongguan or Jakarta, Streetlight.Vision Central Management Software had to address many local constraints and specific requirements. The unique field experience we gathered is available for you in our software. Discover how Streetlight.Vision Central Management Software was able to bring considerable energy savings while enabling cities to start Smart City projects.

Photo credit : “Paris Night” by Benh LIEU SONG – Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 via Wikimedia Commons