25.000 Smart LED streetlights project in Zengcheng GuangZhou project by Rongwen with Streetlight.Vision CMS Software

Rongwen, Energy Management Company and leading Smart Streetlight solution supplier, based in Dongguan Guangdong, recently announced the win of the smart LED streetlight retrofit project in Zengcheng District, Guangzhou. According to this Energy Performance Contract, Rongwen will install 25.000 new controllable LED streetlights to create a more efficient, safer and more eco-friendly lighting environment. The project aims at saving 70% power consumption, and to reduce 40% of maintenance cost, thanks to the Streetlight.Vision Central Management Software and Rongwen’s light point controllers. Rongwen already deployed 5.000 Smart Streetlights in the city of Guangzhou, in a previous project. The success of that previous project and Rongwen’s experience from managing over 200,000 Smart LED Streetlights in other cities with Streetlight.Vision CMS Software have brought confidence to the Zengcheng government for them to make the Zengcheng district of Guangzhou a true Smart City, powered by Rongwen and Streetlight.Vision Central Management Software.